Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello beloved friends, 
Here's a recap of my weekend. There were lots of checks on my to-do list, some fun projects and even some solid R&R. Overall a successful weekend. 

We started our Saturday morning over at our neighbor complex that has another caring communities team and helped out with their Kids Club. Not that many kids showed up, but we still got to decorate some leprechaun masks and play some minute-to-win-its. It was a fun low-key start to the day.

I've been in a long process of weeding through years of trinkets, souvenirs, sentimental gidgets and gadgets and just unused junk. I've been trying to get rid of at least a bag a week for the last few months but I still find myself gazing at an avalanche of boxes in our closet. In the midst of my sorting, Ry decided to join me and empty one of his trinket-holders... he found these lovely pairs of glasses.
The pair on the left are our dwight glasses we got at a thrift store on one of our roadtrips. See Sentimental. But we said goodbye to these dusty treasures. 

I also decided to get some bookshelves up in our guest room. We have books running out of our ears and I've found that these shelves not only make books easily accessible but also aesthetically pleasing. 

 I also was inspired via Pinterest to do this glue gun painting, and it was not only simple but very satisfying in its results.

One of my favorite impromptu eats of the weekend was these fish tacos. They were last minute and just tasty tasty. It's good to switch it up sometimes. 

Also, I watched this yesterday. I'm sure you've already watched it since it's got 75 million hits, but just wanted to hear your thoughts.

Drop me a comment, would love to hear from you in general!

Much love, 



  1. I completely resonated with this post-I LOVE scarves. I should wrap one on my head like you did; it looks great! I'm currently having the same book and storage problem, and that glue gun painting thing is awesome! I want to do one. Thanks for the post, Na :)