Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday! 
It's been a tiring week already and we're not even half way through! Goodness. Looking back at this last weekend reminds me of how lucky I am to live in Chico with such great friends and such an awesome husband. I am thankful, though, no matter how exhausted I may be. 

For Moki's bbq, I whipped up this tropical cake that had pineapple and cinnamon in it with an orange glaze. Not bad for a quick bunt cake. The little banner I made him would stay straight though, which is what the face is about. Sometimes when I'm crunched for time I get a little stressed over little things. This picture helps me see myself from Ry's perspective. How gracious he is with his wife: 

I also made some of my favorite cupcakes: chocolate with cream cheese in them. My mom used to make them for my bdays in elementary. Mmmm: 

At the party a little dilemma occurred. Danielle got her earring stuck on her jacket which ripped it half way through her ear. We tried our best to play doctor, but decided on the real deal. I accompanied her for the wait.  She was an excellent patient, even enduring 2 stitches without tears. What a trooper! 

We also got to hang with emily again, and she brought us mango mochi! 

Ry also said I could buy myself a little house-warming gift for our new house. hahaha. So I picked up this little guy while running errands and now he sits on our little shelf we put up. (much faster than the last fiasco at our old apartment) 
I'm not allowed to name him because I tend to kill succulents. Beats me. 

Well, there you go! 

Badabing badaboom. 


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  1. Naomi, you look like your doing some type of classical jazz dance move, it looks very blissful... :)