Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Playing Dressup~

Here's to a belated Halloween Greeting! 
I wanted to give you a little peek into our Halloween. I forgot how much I loooove watching costume parades at schools, they're one of my favorite things! All the kids, so excited and creative, it's such a fun atmosphere. Here were some of my favs: 
(the one on the right bottom was one of my co-workers not an over-grown kid :) )

Okay, so these gnomes were not only genius and a hoot, but they were the inspiration behind how Ry and I were going to dress up that night. You see Ryan as a strange fear of gnomes, so when I saw these little men, I knew this was going to be a moment to conquer a fear. 

That morning I dressed up as a Dutch Doll. This was not taken well by the kids... "A dutch dog?".. no a dutch doll. "Oh, I think you look like Gretel... or Dorthy.. or Pipi Longstocking" 

I wanted to look like her: 
(I guess I should've made that sweet hat and a coo bugle? 

So when I got home, we crafted: 

... Made some cupcakes: 

and transformed into:

(p.s. the "skirt" ry is wearing is suppose to be a mushroom, but ry mostly liked to show the tulle part underneath... *shrug* whatever floats his boat!)

That night we commenced with some intense apple bobbing, munching on yummy snacks and hanging around a fire. 

 It was a good day. :)

Love love, 


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