Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Monday!
Here's a belated weekend wrap-up. 
We had a busy few days with good sections of downtime. Friday night we kicked off with some sushi with some of Ry's social work peers.. Sushi never fails. It was more gourmet that any sushi I've ever made.. they had smoked salmon, marinated portabelo mushrooms, goat cheese and the like. delectable and good time with good company.

Saturday was shopping day. Farmers was fabulous, as always, with an amazing live band that welcomed us into the brisk fall weather. They should have live bands at the grocery store-- you know, make it more of an experience. But I guess the samples at Costco do an adequate job of keeping me entertained. 

The colorful leaves are out in Chico. I'm just as in awe as when I was a freshman 5 years ago, gawking at the vibrance and beauty of it all...How lucky we are to be part of this creation..

On Saturday we also went to the mall to do a little window shopping, which is something we don't do often, seeing that Chico's mall isn't the most impressive thing we've seen. But check out this sweet hat:

..and, I was looking for a good "manly" scarf for Ry since he's going to be riding his bike in the now frigid cold of Chico... and we founds some great ones, but they were a little steep in their cha-ching value.. 
so when I got home I decided to make one out of his give-away shirt. It was suppose to be a quick little fun project, but because a ridiculously ornery sewing machine, it was the death project. I was not a happy camper post scarf.
Good ol' Ry humored me though... I may have to have a Take II for this project.

Sunday was a celebration of our friend Patrick's birthday..

We also spent time on campus hearing from our friends from Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and praying for the campus. It's exciting to see what's happening in the lives of students and how these great leaders are pulling together to bring hope and life into places of darkness. They are so dedicated! 

It's going to be a quick week with Veteran's Day tacked onto the end and conferences happening at my afterschool program. My prayer is that I keep alert to what God is doing and ready and eager to join in. Exciting things happen!Peace and perseverance friends, 


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