Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The room for creativity

 Thought it was time for a little classroom inspiration. No matter how exhausting and sometimes frustrating subbing can be, I truly do love being in the classroom and working with the kiddos. Don't you just love these silly little polar bears the kinders made yesterday. The one on the right had the smallest little head, we need to work on fine-motor control, but until then we get to be entertained by tiny-headed polar bears and such. 

Here are some pics of halloween crafts I saw in one of my favorite first grade rooms:

 and here are a few crafts I hope to do soon:

The Giraffe- they're just so cool

 Easy-Peasy stamps (yes you can do this at home too)

And mini-pinatas: you can probably fit 2 pieces of candy inside. :)

(image from Oh Happy Day)

Can't wait to have my own class one day, until then happy with what I have and learning everyday from new and challenging experiences. 

Happy Wednesday friends, 

p.s. keep praying for Thailand and Turkey now, so many lives affected and changed from these natural disasters. 

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