Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Au Revoir my sweet summer

After an exhausting week-long sub with 5th graders, reality is quickly settling in that the craziness of the school year has begun. Boy oh boy. 
Here are some quick shots from these last weeks of the summer wind down..

A visit from the fam fam: We had a nice portrait picture after this one, but catching Ry mid-sneeze does it better for me. 

Farmers market : ze best place to run into random people you know from every which category of life~ the question is, do you wave, shake hands or go for the hug? Oh the dilemma 

 Trip to upper bidwell. 
During the summer I missed countless trips to the upper most parts of Bidwell park, because of summer camp craziness. I felt left out. Last weekend, I finally had my turn and it's as beautiful as ever. 

Jamaican cuisine- ye or nay?
Lys and Caitlin were given a flyer for the opening of this new Jamaican restaurant in Chico, we decided to give it a chance. 

My vote: ambiance 3.5 out of 5- Cute, clean, and welcoming. Food 2.5- though my pictures are deceiving to the eye, we found our salmon sandwich to be a little bland and our jerk chicken was un poco dry. We also had to wait more than an hour for our meal. : S not good when uber hungry. Mr.Sipho's we may have to give you another chance. 

 Indoor camping
A craving is a craving. 
I have a bad habit of "needing" a dessert after a meal. My mom used to make dessert every night, which is why I blame this habit on her. But unfortunately this habit and seeped into the lunch hours now.. just a little something sweet to finish of a good meal. 
On this particular Sunday, our option was: S'mores. The nice big jumbo-way-too-big mallows. the graham. the chocolate. the stove-top burner... 
you're killin' me smalls. 

Until next time. 
Enjoy your last pockets of summer. 
Especially ya'll in Thailand. I know it's gonna get cold over there soon. : )
Love love, 

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