Friday, April 15, 2011

Munch Munch.

What a brimful week- and by brimful I mean crammed, jammed and fully packed. Ry and I got a few hours today to just mosey around town, wandering in and out of thrift stores, buying a few cabinet doors here and a dropping off a library book there. It was nice not to have somewhere to be and to just go where the wind took us. 
Highlighted Meals of the Week

Numero Uno: In and Out
On a lazy sunday night we opted out of the refridgerator's unbeckoning leftovers and headed over to our long lost friend mr. In and Out. I had been mentioning him a lot recently, so when the clock struck 9pm we finally drove ourselves over. Right before we got to the register we remembered that we were making burgers the next night for some friends... we laughed while the aproned-girl watched impatiently. two nights without stir-fry can't kill a couple. It's kinda funny because for dindin tonight I actually  used the left over hamburger in a stirfry~ it's such a staple it's ridiculous. 
We ate so fast I didn't even get a picture of the food: 

Numero Dos: Fish Tacos!
Tuesday night we had a date night with Ms.Byrne at Teddy Malibu's for dollar Tacos!.. Dolla make ya holla! It was delectable, affordable, practical and relaxable. Grilled with Chipotle is muy recommendable. 
After, we jetted over to Ben and Jerry's free scoop anniversary night and got TWO scoops each!! Num num num. 

brainstorm storm.
The brain is acranking as I think about this summer. Just like this picture: right brain explosion. I spent one night laying in bed until 4 in the morning just thinking about logistics and resources and games, decor and.. I think God was trying to talk to me, too. Hopefully I was a good listener.

As many of you most likely know, I like to keep crafty materials for whatever the day, time or need. The only issue is that "crafty material" can range from a gallon milk carton, to a door that I found on a run. Both of which reside in our abode. There are many items that have potential and it's hard for me to pass them up. This may have gotten worse now that I have summer camp materials in mind. Unlike this gal who is overloaded with Channel bags, I fear our house may implode with "artsy materials" up the hizzy. 

Love, love, love until next time!
Hope you're enjoying your friday night,

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