Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in the Bay

This year's Easter was special. Ry and I got to celebrate as the Fitz' but we also got to spend this Easter with family, which hasn't happened for years! 
So we hopped into our little Yakamashi (my camry) and headed down to the bay to celebrate the awesome reality that He HAS Risen!!
Here's a little photo journey, I'm too ty-ty for too many babblings: 

 Breaking lent: 
Ry gave me an overflowing basket of chocolate and candy to celebrate the ending of the choco-fast.. 

Family Pics: Always challenging and entertaining with the Fitz/Groot/Jensen clan.

 Grub, Grub, Grub.. runs strong in our blood. 

And good ol' papi, pushed us all out the door to spend some time at the park throwing around frisbees and footballs and volleyballs... I don't think I've laughed so hard during volleyball in a long time. 

 The Easter Hunt-
Whenever any activity has potential for competition... the groots take it to the next level. I should really post a video of the full-contact egg hunt..Poor grandpa (gunggung) got pushed aside any only found one egg..

one was even hidden in Beth's pony tail!

This pic is only a victory of one egg.

after counting up my chicks... I guess you can tell that I wasn't the crowned winner. Good thing easter isn't about the bunnies, chicks, chocolate and eggs... 

: ) Love love,

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  1. Yup, I won! muahaha! we were hardcore--wrestling to get each egg!

    I'm sure your mom will love that pic of her! V-ball was fun!