Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dreaming forward.

Chico was a stormy mess today with crazy winds and big ol' droplets pelting down... It made for a very long and exhausting sub day-- even though it was only a half day with a relatively chill schedule. Something about windy days blows kids into a flurry... maybe it was the massive puddles, too, that were oh-too-tempting for them.. 
To the Fitz's delight, Caitlin--my past roomie-- cooked us up a lovely Chili and cornbread meal which fed us deep down into our souls. 
...during dinner we got into talking about the education system and all the hard conversations that go along with it.. the budget , unions, students falling through the cracks, classroom sizes getting bigger, teachers getting burnt out, lack of teaching jobs.... It's been a hard season and I feel like it may be awhile before things start looking up.. but... I can't become hopeless, because there's enough of that around. It's no good if the new generation of teachers are coming in already hopeless. There are so many fantastic teachers and programs out there that are continuing to make a difference.
So. On a simple note, as I look forward to one day having my own classroom, and having the opportunity to have an impact on kids lives.. here are some fun things I'd love to have in my classroom...

A table of paper~ biggest notepad ever!

A Chalkboard made out of a bed frame! 

 And these will be the fashion statement accessory.. 

It's the little things. :)
Hope you all have a fulfilling Friday full of hope. 

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