Saturday, February 26, 2011

To celebrate with Snow.

Last weekend we went up to Shasta for a wonderful weekend of skiing, tutu's, modified apples-to-apples, scrumptious meals, warm fires, playing darts, belting out Journey and snow, snow, snow!.. and all this fit lovely under the title of bachelorette party. 

Here are some highlights:


~Lyssa made a list of "to do's" for Megan to do while on the slopes. She did a fantastic job. My favorite is her yelling "I'M GETTING MARRIED IN 98 DAYS!!!" before she went down the slopes and after getting everyone's attention.. totally eating it.! I love me some slap stick. : ) She also reverse proposed to a poor, frightened boy, sang Magic Carpet Ride at the top of her lungs and led a successful follow the leader.

I, on the other hand, was not as successful in my endeavors. While I had the most encouraging cheering squad in Shasta, I still managed eat it multiple times over. Sometimes I wouldn't even try to slow down and just let my body fly over the side of the run.. skis flying who knows where, while at the same time being connected to my feet and slapping me in the back of my head~ I don't know how. getting up was the hardest. I also managed to run into Megan and Lyssa while they were trying to help me up, getting us caught up in the most ridiculous human knot I've ever seen. It was all laughter and tears and we tried to figure out who was sitting on who's ski, while fellow skiers stopped to watch-- I'm sure they were worried about our well being... don't get me wrong though, it was a blast, skiing on fresh powder and being part of the tutu squad that so intrigued everyone.

We were welcomed home by a clan of tutu-clad friends who helped us finish off the day with great food, awkward games, song-belting and lots of laughs.

Glad to make it to another weekend!.. : )

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