Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Roadtrip beautiful.
My friend Megan is getting married in May, and I am so excited and honored to be one of her bridesmaids. We got to live life together through all four years of college. This last weekend I went to visit her up in Shasta to do some wedding prep and to just hang out. Both of hour significant others were working, too.. so it seemed to make the most sense. : )

The drive took about 2 hours, which should be a pretty simple drive for some, but for some reason I don't do well driving alone, especially on freeways like the 5.... so blaah, and no one to talk to. So i made sure to bring munchies to keep me up and listened a mighty variety of stations from NPR to hard rock. windows up, windows down.. windows up.. windows down. 
The drowsiness was starting to overtake me when I finally passed Redding and came to this goodness: 

 (I took this while driving, too.. is there a law against that yet?)

I was obsessed with Meg's and John's super vintagey dishes for some reason. Maybe I'm being influenced by the blogs I'm reading, but they just stand out as so unique, with such bring colors. So megs let me eat my taco salad out of this bowl-with-handle dish, much to my content. 

From playing wii ~which megs dominated in~ to going to a tiny bridal show and visiting her gorgeous wedding venues, it was a good balance between eventful and relaxing. 
Before I left we decided to do a simple lunch at Raley's. When we walked in, this wall of cinnamony/doughy goodness slapped us in a face and we spent a good amount of time wandering around the bakery section smelling different loaves trying to figure out what it was. We even asked all the people behind the deli section if they knew what it was--- they said it was snickerdoodles.. I don't think so. When settled with this awesome garlic/sundried tomato baguette and sushi. It was a good ending to a good stay. : )   

Megs and John
Here's a picture from a engagement photoshoot of them last fall, I'll post some more later.
So excited. : )

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