Monday, January 24, 2011

Six months and counting

Last monday ry and I celebrated 1/2 a year's worth of marital bliss. 
We usually aren't the type to celebrate halfs and quarters and halves of quarters. When dating, we never really could remember when our anniversary was, so when we did celebrate it, we usually made up the day because we could never agree on when it was we became a "thing". Oh high school.. way too complicated back then. 
But for some reason, we thought it'd be fun to celebrate this half year marker~ maybe the excitement of the first year. Maybe a fun excuse to get all prettied up and go out.  I feel like it can't hurt to celebrate the baby steps. 

Before Ry got home I made him a little 6 things for the 6 months scavenger hunt.. 

Here's a baby terrarium

For dinner we went to Tres Hombres.. 
Ryan's first visitation after it burnt down and got renovated. Ryan was in chips and salsa heaven and he also indulged in some shark tacos. : ) 

Best of all...
when we got home, on our doorstep was a fantaaastic apple cake from some anonymous anniversary fairy who totally made our night!
I guess I'm a fan of these baby celebrations after all. I also am very much in love with the hubs and can't wait to celebrate many more of these! 

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