Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

I've been trying to post this blog for the last two weeks but it's been nonstop running around, grading papers, prepping first grade penguin parties, buying literally last-minute gifts-- and sprinkled on top of this chaos there's been a good helping of Christmas cheer and excitement for this season. : )
So, amongst the many firsts for Ry and I is the grand cutting-down of our first Christmas tree. Growing up in the tropics, we both were raised with the good hardy plastic trees that somehow still managed to shed their little plastic bristles everywhere, which meant they got a little scrawnier each year. In our house our little two foot tree actually was allowed to remain in the house all year and was sometimes even decorated for easter if lucky. So, all this to say that this experience was not only a fitzstevens' household first but a literal first for the both of us... very exciting business. 
Before we left, we decided together, like every couple should, what our tree-height limit would be... the max would be my height 5.5". We carefully chose the bigger of our two cars, my Camery, and drove about 15 minutes up to the tiny town of Paradise to a little Christmas tree farm where we were equipped with a saw and sent loose to find our very own tree. Like two little tykes, we ran off, saw in hand, making fun of the awkward looking charlie brown trees on our way... 

Then we found her. : )

and took her home..

Our tree was over 7 feet tall...
and we jammed it nicely into mr.yakamashi (my camery) with it's butt hanging out of the trunk all the way home.
Then we got to decorate! 
Both of our moms passed on ornaments from when we were wee ones to start of our collection. They filled up our tree nicely... 

The Four Elves also came to visit for some twice baked potatoes and kahlua chocolate cake.. yuuumm..

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