Sunday, December 5, 2010

But before Christmas, we must remember our good friend Thanksgiving

Ah yes, it seems like so long ago, but really the scrumptious turkey-stuffing-tater-gravy-covered masterpiece was created just last week! What a long week it's been working with a wound-up group of 30 first graders. So many questions, questions, questions, I can barely get my answers straight.. Can I go to the bathroom? How come your 4 is fat? Why does "Amy" get to sit there? Do you like my penguin? When is recess?... My head can only process so much in a 7 hour timespan. 
Anyways, before the whirlwind of this week came about there was a restful time called: Thanksgiving..

Wednesday: Stinson Beach
~ every year I look forward to the Stinson trip. blue skies. windy weather. rice balls. and chicken. 
This year we added in some football: 

 props to mom: (in blue beanie) not only was the star of our first play, but also succeeded in knocking down the other team's center before the play even started. :)

 Joy and  Yoshie.. on right: the forgiveness hug after a tearful argument

 My part was the: Jello..
So the small contribution Ry and I had to the meal was the Jello, (little did I know that 2 other people were also making jello..) Beth and Ry helped me out the night before:

I believe we can call it a success..

The Meal: 

After much anticipation and with thankful hearts our mega-family plus a few close friends joined together for a beautiful spread


  Poor Ry for some reason got blasted by the allergy monster and could barely function 
but I still made him take a pic with me.. Our first Thanksgiving together as "the Fitzs" : )

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