Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekends call for exploration

Ryan "found" this consignment store while driving around Chico one day and decided to make it a date outing since he knows how much I love quirky, thrift type stores. Good call husband.

Chairs hung from the ceiling to the seemingly endless warehouse. Feeling quite adventurous, I ventured off into the world of vintage nick-nacks leaving Ryan in the music section. So much, so little time. 

Dress up. 
Something I've been mourning lately: kids are loosing their capacity for imagination at such a young age-- it's a sad story.. it's the puters they just like to suck all the creative juices from youngins brains.. this is why ry and I try to make up for the younger generation.   

Meet Mr. Ticklefeather
... and mrs. sequence city 

 It said "Please do not touch", probably because the buttons on this fantastic register are so pushable...How do they know our tendencies?

Who wouldn't want an all turquoise kitchen? 
I just may stop by Home Depot and pick me up some turquoise paint and go at it.. 

Even though I know my audience is small, I've still been enjoying creating this online scrapbook and I'm going to work on putting up more than one post every other week. Yes. yes. yes. 
We will see about this goal, my friends. 
I may try to put up one more post before turkey time,  so I will refrain from sending you off with a holiday greeting. 
Enjoy your tomorrow!

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