Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family Time: Meet the Jensens..

So the other weekend I got a random text from my aunt Janie who lives in the Bay two hours away asking me if I was free for dinner. Thinking she had mistaken me for my mom who also lives in the Bay, I made fun of her for mistexting me, to which she responded that she, my uncle mike and my cousin Mari were on their way to Chico for a weekend visit.. : ) Such a nice surprise. 
For some reason people love to take last minute trips up to Chico, must seem like a spontaneous place to go. I remember a year or so ago my cousin, Philip, did the same thing, but called me from the Amtrack bus while I was in class, to tell me that he was less than an hour away and needed a pick up. It's a good thing I love my family.

We had a good weekend doing what we do best: finding some good grub. The first night the Jensens took us to Indian, a favorite of the Fitz and Jensen clan. Uncle Michael made sure to practice his Indian accent as loud as possible too... 

The night shown below is at our little apartment . Right before they came, I had another battle with our blender which ended in an explosion of salsa and one more chunk of our wooden spoon  missing... which is funny because while I was eating my breakfast burrito today, I found one of the chunks!! I feel like I should win something .. 



  1. that was some fibrous salsa! mmmmm!

    dig the new design!

  2. you win the prize of doing dishes for a week!