Monday, October 6, 2014

Today I Choose Joy

It's been a long year friends, and I'm talking about my school year-- all whoppin' 7 weeks of it. Hah!

It's like not feeling your legs kick in at the beginning of a marathon, when your body is kind of dragging. When you're asking yourself "What is this race going to be like if I'm already hurtin'?"

... boy do I hope I start gaining some momentum, or finding some hidden energies soon! Maybe one of those gel packs will do the trick.

But my post is not about complaining, though it's easy to slip into all the woes. It's about choosing a kingdom perspective. It's about choosing to pray instead of bicker, or maybe choosing to savor the laughter of your students--after you say look at the "fart" instead of "chart".

So in honor of this choice. 
Here are some things I'm taking great joy in recently:
1. Babies! (not mine, don't worry, or rejoice)
~The wedding annoucements have peetered out and now it's baby annoucements and showers and gender reveal parties galore! This is a fun and amazing season as we watch many of our friends begin the joy (and the challenge) of raising children. We get to watch and learn and snuggle with all the cuties. 
This is little Elsie, Megan and John's bundle of joy.  

 2. I'm loving being in a little bit of shape. 
I failed last year at keeping a good work-out schedule but so far so good this year. 

 3. My family brings me so much joy!
I can't tell you how happy I am that they're nearby this year.What a blessing.

4. Yummy food. 
Always brings a smile to my face. 

5. ...and of course my roomies. 

Lord help me to be a bearer of joy. 

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