Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Layover=short blog post

Hi From Japan, 
So we're on our way home- Michelle and I. We flew out of Japan about 4 hours ago, and after nestling down and watching a movie, we found out we were turning the plane around and heading back due to engine malfunctions. :S 
Though we're tired and hoping we won't miss our next flight, we are thankful we're safe and that ANA gave us free McDonald's at the gate. 
It doesn't take much to please us. 

So people are lining up already to board, but I thought I'd do a little snap shot of one of our expeditions in Bangkok since I have a moment. 

My dear roommate from college, Alyssa, and her friend and co-worker, Katie, were on their own adventures in Thailand and so I got to meet up with them in little blips here and there. (There are more blips to come)

In their one day stop over in Bangkok on their way up North we decided to head down to the backpacker's "capital" of the world. A place called Khao San. 

We decided to take the sky train to a place where we could catch a river taxi... but then it started to pour! It was a wet ride...

We munched on bugs...

and now I have to go.
Hahaha. Peace,


~best blog post ever.

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