Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A New Season!

Hello lovely friends and fam!
I hope you haven't given up on me yet! Thank you to a few of my dedicated followers who mentioned to me they've been missing me. : ) That makes me smile. 
Life has been a busy little juggling game. I haven't dropped too many of the balls, yet, but it is hard to know how to cut down on all the different expectations flying in the air in front of me. 
Teaching has been a joy, even with the times of chaos and the times of feeling deeply overwhelmed with curriculum and again the high expectations. I love my little shenanigans in room 14 and have high hopes for them. I had my first sub yesterday and as I sat in my meeting all I could think about was how they were doing and whether they were behaving. It was like leave my kids with a babysitter. Which I guess it is. 

Well, aside from my 24 hours at school, these last two weekends have been a joy as well because all my college roomies decided to come and bless me with their presence. Megan came two weekends ago. 
I unfortunately don't have a pic of her because when I had my camera out we were eating bfast in our pre-cute outfits~ pictures were banned by her, and then I forgot to snap one before she left. 
It was such a nice hang-out time. We went Labor Day shopping and we got our nails did! It was a teacher gift from her! 

This past weekend guess who pranced in from Utah?... yes, oh, yes. Ms. Kinnier. Actually we got both lady Kinniers! And to top it off, Caitlin was in town with her bff Andy. It was a splendid little gathering! In honor of dorm days we cooked up one of our favorites~ home-made pizza. 

I'm so glad people like to come back to Chico. Thank you, Chico, for being a place people love, and thank you roomies for visiting your long-lost juggling, friend. 
Hope all is well on your side. As always, feel free to drop a comment to let me know how you're doing!

Mucho amor


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  1. I'm going through california, chico, family and college roommate withdrawal. Other than that I am doing swell.