Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A surprise visit

Ello poppets!
How's the summer winding down for you? I feel like my pace of life just doubled in the last few days and will probably quadruple next monday on the first day of school!!
It's crazy time, friends, I just finished my 8th day of training today and have two more this week. Tomorrow is my only free day to run around like a crazy woman and try and get everything done. 

Anyways, with this new pace of life I have a belated post. The week after Tahoe, three lovely ladies came up to visit as a fun last minute surprise! 
All the Sakata gals had never been up all together so we had a smashing time just hanging out and showing them the town...

The Naked Lounge~ a classic Chico Coffee shop

A tamale picnic in the park

Showing them the classroom~ where we discovered my dead fish fred.. : (.. and returned him to Petco with an embarrassing interaction with the cashier

Family + a hometown we love, always = good times. 

Thanks for visiting Sakatas!!! 

Hope you're all soaking in the summer sun for me, 


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