Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Yet another belated window

Happy May Day!
Life is picking up speed, friends. I'm sure some of you are feeling it. The May rush. (even without finals!) Maybe I'm living vicariously through Ry's upcoming finals. I'm just feeling like each moment is crammed packed like a nice package of sardines.
It's always nice to have these half moments to take a breather a reflect on a week and some of the more laid back weekend moments: 

Last Friday I came home drained and exhausted, ready for some pampering.... so I made myself a face mask. Disgusting-looking but surprisingly effective: bananas, olive oil, brown sugar (basically breakfast on my face) 

I made a nice little breakfast surprise Saturday morning: popovers/Dutch babies/hootenany pancakes.. many names~ one delish taste: 

A Picnic!! 
Our first trip to one-mile pool to kick off the oncoming summer was fabulous. We enjoyed some tasty food with some of Ry's MSW friends. Played some v-ball and frisbee. For those of you who have left Chico---- time to come back! (Alyssa...David... Megan... Jen... the list goes on) 

Ry =kid-magnet. One of Ry's co-hort buddies brought her adorable kids. The whole afternoon Ry was busy swinging kids around on his arms, playing fetch with frisbees and entertaining the littles. He's boss. He counted it as his exercise for the weekend. It was pretty legit. 

Peace for now friends and fam... You are all boss.


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