Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hello there!

Another weekend gone by, and unfortunately this one is spitting me out with flu-like symtoms-- I'm not a happy camper at the moment, but I actually had a wonderful weekend despite how pathetic I may look right now. 

It all started on a beautiful friday...
with an amazing game of ultimate frisbee, my favorite friday afternoon activity, which only happens maybe once every two months because of one thing or another. 
Perfect weather-- 6 on 6 -- and only walked away with a twisted ankle. 

Then a date with my love: 
We tried out a new place called Cafe Malvina, decent food, a little pricey and not particularly awesome, but good company always helps. :)

Got a few projects done before sickness set in:
This was one of my faves...
can you tell what it is?

Got some shopping done downtown: 
We're trying to buy more produce from farmers market even though it's a little pricey... I bought some snap peas which we simply dipped in ranch/balsamic dressing for a snack. 
It's good to switch it up sometimes.

Shalom Free Clinic Fun Run
I know this sounds like a repeat, but yes, we did another run this weekend. This one was for a different cause though-- a great nonprofit that provides free health care to people in our area. 
As much as my body was killing me, the park was beautiful this morning, especially at a walking pace. :)
We had a fun little crew that joined. 
The rest of my day has consisted of lots of sleeping and lazing. blah!
I'm hoping for full recovery by tomorrow!

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