Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Friday night we joined a group of 15 people to watch Hugo in our clubhouse. I wasn't sure at first because the movie was moving pretty slowly, but it ended up being a beautiful movie that spoke of redemption, brokenness and purpose.
A simple yet powerful story. Love it. It seemed to please a crowd of young and old as well~ a mom was tearing up with me and a little guy asked to take the movie home. :)

A breakfast for two: 
Super filling but yummy with toppings, I'm going to keep experimenting with all the recipes I finding and I'll post my fav. 

Ry and I found a new Mexican store nearby! Loved the color and the way it took me back to Ecuador. The lady at the counter sent her son to ask why I was taking pictures, I tried to explain and sounded silly. Silly little blogger. 
We waited until the fresh "pan" (baked goodies) came out nice and warm. We'll be back, I'll try not to be so creeper next time. promise. 

The DIY project of the Weekend.
Time consuming but worth while. 
The before shot looks pretty worn because we were already in cleaning/bleaching/vacuuming process and had taken off the covers. There was good wear on it though. We're excite to now host well with our new hide-a-bed! Stop on by at the Fitz Inn. 

We also got to stop by Starbucks for my birthday complementary drink!! Yay! Of course the pig in me got the biggest size of their cookie-chocolate frapp--- the most bang for my buck.. My poor choice found me wide away until 2 am in the morning staring at the ceiling. A nice little birthday gift from Starbucks. ahhaha. It was a good start to my birthday week though. More fun to come!!
Till then, Peace and blessings, 


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  1. great way to start the bday week! staring at the ceiling. I will partake in the fashionable Fitz Inn veeerrry veeeryyyy soooonnn. Excited!