Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a full Easter weekend! He has Risen Friends! Yes indeed! 

We started our Friday bright and early caring for our lovely community. We got to pass out free coffee, tea and hot chocolate to people driving out of our complex onto their way to work. It was pretty chilly- 38 is what someone told us-- my fingers were pretty frozen, but it's so fun to bless people.. can't complain.

 We also got to take a meal to our friends Tara and Dave who just had a beautiful baby. Isn't she gorgeous? She was making all sorts of funny faces. 

We had a study break from all our errands. 

Saturday I got a surprise package from my sister-in-law with a sweet doughnut pan and egg towel in it!! I love surprises, especially in the form of doughnuts!
So guess what we had for Easter breakfast?

A simple skirt hemming project: 
Found this boxy, over-sized skirt on sale for a few bucks, decided to make it a pencil skirt. 

So it looks like I'm destroying this guitar. This is actually Alyssa's mom's guitar that's been hanging with us for a few years now. It's been broken the whole while, and I've been needing a clamp to fix it, but today I decided, who needs a clamp when you have a foot. So I "fixed" it. We'll see if it stays. 

Our last activity of the day was a Easter dinner with a huge IV crew of maybe 50. It was packed with people and delicious food. The fitzs brought fondue and fruit. Nummers. 

He has risen!

May you walk through this week living in the joy that He is alive, in us. 



  1. For a second there I thought I was going to see the guitar transformed into a beautiful flowery artsy fartsy music maker. Fixing it is just as good, to be played!

  2. That will be my next project for mr.guitar. Don't want to ruin it though. He's a little out of tune (constantly), but if I sing loud enough you can't tell. :)