Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snap Shots from last weekend.

A date night is always a good way to start off a good weekend.. 

Saturday Morning we made a breakfast for our friends at our complex. Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs, strawberries... Nothing like a family breakfast. 
Moki came to share the love with us, and what a mighty pancake-flipper he is. 

Saturday was spectacular. The sunny weather meant we couldn't stay cooped up all day. So we went out to play a little game of disc golf, but in the process, Ry chucked his into the river... and Moki sacrificed for the sake of the poor cold disc and plunged into the icy creek. So many kudos. I was too busy documenting to dip my toes to show support. We all have our part. 

Games in la noche 

Inspired by one of the many blogs I follow, I've decided to take on the green smoothie challenge. This involves smoothies with one hand full of spinach in it. This combo included bananas, strawberries, yogurt, cranberry juice and trusty ol' spinach. It looks like sludge or ( your creative interpretation)  but tasted pretty yummy. 

Alas friends, tomorrow is Thursday. Still two more packed days to go! Tomorrow we are putting on a milkshake madness event. 
Wish us luck!


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