Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids make me laugh

Jason Lee photography
Jason Lee Photography

Except for the times that kids make me tired, frustrated, stressed and sometimes angry.. they many times make me laugh. That's definitely one of my favorite things about teaching... Those moments when you do something silly or a student says or does something that makes me bust up in class. Love it. 

Today's little giggle came from a lesson I was doing with Kindergarteners on eggs and chicks and such. We had just had a conversation about the eggs in their incubator, and one students fessed up and told us how he had taken an egg out of the refrigerator and hid it under his pillow to keep it warm so it could hatch. Hehehhe.. He said his mom caught him and I explained to him that those eggs don't hatch. Can you imagine finding eggs under your kids pillows. hahaha.
Silly Billies.


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  1. that picture kinda looks like the time we taped jimmy to the red house apartment wall. He didn't stay up for too long.