Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guess who I'm with? 

No words..

Right now all three of us are sitting in Narita, Japan, as the rest of our plane boards to go to Thailand...I must hurry, but I had to catch you up! This past week has been a Christmas flurry and I'll try to post a few pics later just for fun. 
But for now.... 

7 more hours until Thailand baby!

Wish us luck, my two companions are a little gaseous and I'm going to be stuck in a small airplane cabin with them for a good while. 
Right now they're trying to think of alternate names to Harry Potter.. The winners for now are:
Fairy Father
Hairy Daughter
Parry Potter
Jerry Thompson (Kyle)
Mary Poppins (Ry)

It's been a long trip
Here's to squished legs and bagged peanuts. 


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