Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bonjour there!
Coming from a lovely three-day weekend. Unfortunately the sniffles and coughs of the young'ins finally caught up to me and attacked my immune system, so I've been fighting that all weekend, but on top of that side battle, here's the happenings: 

A dinner with the Gramps
After a long journey from San Diego, my grandpa (Gung Gung) made it up to Chico, and Ry and I got to grab dinner with him and his friend Coco at Paneghetti's~ a yummy Italian place. 

Off to Sac
That same night Ry, Moki and I headed down to Sac to visit the brosef... and as college students do, Ky and his buddies decided on bowling... from 11 to 3 AM!! I blamed my fatigue and lack of "umph" on my oncoming sickness, but the reality: I'm old. 
It was fun though, not my best bowling night. (good thing I'm not competitive ;) 

The next day we slept in like teenagers, and the big event of the day: 

It's a tradition that Ryan has when he visits Kyle, they get nutella crepes. I decided on stuffed french toast, since I'm not usually part of this tradition. 

My only other item on the agenda for the day was a quick holiday picture shoot. I learned well last year, when I didn't send out a Christmas card, not to forget again unless I wanted a bop on the head from my grandma... So, since I had an able-bodied cousin and a nice overcast day, I decided to have him snap a few shots to see if we could get a winner: 

Meet our photographer: 

Somehow he managed to get more shots of himself on my camera than us. The price to pay in our choice of photographer. I think he's hoping to get cropped in. 

Need I remind you of our photobooth picture at Megan's wedding this past summer? 

We came back to Chico just in time for our friend Chad's 40th birthday. It was in such a snug, beautiful house in the middle of an almond orchard. It was a beautiful spread of food. I forgot to take a picture of the cupcakes, because Ryan and I demolished them. 

Last night I got started on a Christmas present, oh so many more to go, I'm starting to panic a little... but panic  mixed with the excitement of Christmas coming!!

Cheers to the beginning of another week!
Keep your heads up, especially you students! 
Lots to be Thankful for, 

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