Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello Lovely friends
Just to catch you up on some of my highlights from this last week... Ry and I celebrated two belated birthdays with my cousin Rachel and my past roomie, Caitlin... and guess what? Because of my lack of birthday-awareness, Caitlin and Rachel ended up cooking the meals! I'm a terrible friend and cousin. Please don't fire me. I did make some kalua chocolate cake for Caitlin, and Rach, there are pumpkin cupcakes heading your way soon!

And now some pictures to sum up our weekend..

A speedy grocery-run to farmers market Saturday morning...

I went to support a family friend and watched her at a Chinese cooking demonstration. Inspiration: I need to use more green beans and tofu in my stir fry.

Pumpkin Time!
Last, but definitely not least, I have finally joined along in the festivities and whipped up some pumpkin spice muffins! Yup yup yup! A little denser than usual, but there is so much more pumpkin to go around. Mr. Pumpkin Spice cupcake will get another chance to be fluffier. Until then, they will fill our tummies. 

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