Monday, August 15, 2011

Oh Tahoe how I love thee

Can't believe work is already back in session. Kinda bites you in the butt after a week of chillaxing, but you gotta love the kids. right?
Before I head back into work mode, I must finish what has already been started:
Our Tahoe Trip part dos:

We started our road trip with a supporting cup-o-java for the hubz/driver. A must-have especially with his sleep-happy wife. 
I successfully crashed on all our drives, no pun intended. 

Our first family venture was to the beach. The last few years we've  gone for jet-skiing, but this year we upgraded to TUBING and water skiing. Yee-yah!
The recuperating SunZoners 

After lots of waiting and getting the whole low-down on safety, boat-functionality blah, blah, blah.. we were off~ Life vests strapped on, safety flag up, and eager to get going. 

 This, my friends, is a "before" picture of me getting ready to water ski for the first time: 

.... and this is an "after" picture.... 
Nada. I failed 3 times and by then my body was about to collapse. 

Unlike Adam: Kudos dear cousin. Your Jamba arms have come through:

Day two was our fishing trip:
4am wake up, hot cup noodles and hot chocolate, inflatable worms, casting lines, waiting, waiting, re-casting, re-baiting, Ry biffing it to try and catch a fish, minnow catching..
seeing everyone catch a fish... but me. 

.. but then while napping with one hand on the pole, I felt a little fish nibblin', and brought him in, in the last hour of our trip.

Then we ate them for breakfast.

With cinnamon rolls...  because that's how we roll. :)

Our last morning,was bike-riding day! I loved riding along, the smell of evergreen in my nostrils, my little cousin joy squeaking along on our tandem bike, our traditional stop of ice cream post-ride. It's just so satisfying.

My burly biker

and of course...

We are so easily entertained: 

So glad Ry and I could make it this year! It feels so good to be with family. 
We just got back from another camping trip with the Fitz side, too. Oh pictures and stories to share. 

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