Friday, August 19, 2011

The Fitzs go camping

My parent-in-laws and sister came in from Thailand last week and we got them all to ourselves for 10 whole days. Day two after they landed, I decided on a camping trip up to Lake Almanor, jet-lagged and all. I confess, I'm not the most camping savvy and so I googled lists of things to bring... 
I was pretty proud of myself, until on the way I realized that aside from bringing marshmallow skewers, a bag shower, an air mattress with pump I had forgot two of the tents... fail. Nothing like looking up at the stars on a tarp, good thing my siblings are chill. 

Dad wanted to borrow a hat~cute huh?

Mr. Husband chopping wood

Kyle filled us in on his last adventure when he was at Lake Almanor: catching CRAWDADS! Move a rock slowly and snatch em' up. We spent one evening trying our luck. I only caught 2, the boys were a little more successful.
Our genius plan was to cook them and put them in our spaghetti to = seafood-esk spaghetti. From the 20 crawdads we caught we probably got 1/4 of a handful of meat.. : ) It's the thought that counts.. and it was pretty tasty the little nibbles we did get.

Minus the tent brain fart, camping was a great success and the rest of our time together was fantastic! I'll probably post a few more pics later. I'm sad they're already gone, crazy how that happens. 
Now how do we get to Christmas break without Chico rain?... that's the question. 

Hope you guys are having a fantastic weekend! 
Ry starts school this upcoming monday! We'll have to buy him a 1st day of school outfit this weekend. 
Get some good sleep!!


A little video treat. (listen for the echo) :) hahaha

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