Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shout out.

Friends, we are nearing the end of week 6 at Sunzone Summer Camp! It's a leap, step and a bound past the half way marker and  I'm still on a lengthy learning curve. Right when I think I've got some type of rhythm going something comes up to catch me off guard, it's humbling. 
But, overall it's been a fantastic summer and I've been learning bucket-loads! 
It's funny, because Sunzone is my life, everything else somehow becomes related. My ears perk up anytime I hear about someone playing an instrument or having any free time. 
I've sucked in many friends to be guest speakers or worship leaders and they have kept me afloat! 
Here are some savvy volunteers...

Megs came down on her off-days of working as a firefighter to help me set up and hung with kids before going back to saving the world. : )

 Alyssa~ another roomie, dropped by on her bike many days just to chill with the kiddies and share her crazy outdoor experiences..
Katelyn~ with cap on just got back from Italy and jumped right in full throttle! Lauren, since you're in this pic I may just have to kidnap you and have you sing your heart away at camp. :)

 Brosef!~ My brother Daniel came up last week from LA to visit before he starts his new position with Servant Partners! What a treat! He didn't have much of a choice, but did such a fantastic job helping lead worship!!

Mr.Fitz~ He's been working two jobs this summer, helping me out on his off days and dealing with all the camp insanity! BEST partner for life!!! He's seriously there to catch all the pieces that fall a part. 

 Moki~Okay, so mokes doesn't really have a choice either, but he's been such a stupendous co-leader and deals with all my bossiness (no pun intended)... and look at his face, doesn't it just inspire?

...and these are  just some of the volunteers! I've had so many people come help! I feel so fortunate to have such willing friends and family. Thanks you all for partnering with me this summer in the small and big things, it's such a blessing!

A trip to the 32
~and since I mentioned my brother's visit. Here are a few pics from our disc-golf outing on the 32. While the sun beat us to the finish, we still got an awesome sunset and managed to not loose any of our discs.. I love this place. 


  1. yea for crazy summers! It's always fun coming in and playing with the kids(or being one of them:), you keep those kiddos going all day. I bet their parents are amazed at how well they're sleeping!