Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bonjour! My sweet summer~

I ate around 9 tonight after a long, laborious day of summer camp prep.. The beautiful thing: The sun was still sneaking away away leaving nice orange streaks on the clouds..and I simply threw a piece of corn on the BBQ to let it do it's delicious thing.. i love it.

I'm looking forward to finding some time in these next few weeks to get rid of some remnants of this and that that have accumulated in our house. (it's my fault~ unfortunately everything has potential in my eyes) I actually started this process a few weeks ago when I walked into my closet and to my great surprise looked up and saw that Ry had done this beautiful thing to his clothes:

I was so inspired, I did the same with my clothes! Color coordination is a great thing, it tickles a little funny part of my heart for some reason:

Summer is also the time for weddings! My friend, Molly, who is Alyssa's sister, is getting Married in August! A few weekends ago I made a quick trip to Davis to attend her sweet bridal shower here are some fabulous details:

Not only did I get to munch on cute little heart-shaped sandwiches and sip on some raspberry water, but I also got to see our good friend Cheri who will be moving to India later this summer! We go back to Thailand times!

Well I better get to bed . I hope you're having a summery weekend.. if not.. go out and fly a kite or eat some corn or something!


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