Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Picnic

First off, I love this little picture, but I'm still a little confused-- 
"I mustache you to be my valentine?" 
not so much. 
Yesterday I had such a lovely valentines day with Ryan~

Before I enter into our romantic dinner I have to share about my fail breakfast idea. Since we had leftover pancake batter from Sunday, I thought it'd be genius to put red food coloring in it and make waffles. cute right? 
Check these waffles out: 

Pink waffles= romantic fail. Good thing there's grace. 
So, we decided that since I planned our 6 month anniversary, Ry was in charge of valentines day.To ryan's disappointment, we woke up to the dreariest of Chico days with blustery winds and a mocking drizzle. For once the weather report proved true-- the winter has returned. Unfortunately Ry's plan for a hike and picnic while watching the sunset didn't mesh with the bleak, cloudy sogginess outside. 
But we don't let the weather determine a celebration of love. that would be terrible. We overcome these little hurdles.. through thick and thin, through sickness and health, through rain and pour. you know how it goes. : )
So to my excitement ry set up an indoor picnic and let me help put up a little fort using chairs, sheets, lights, a lamp, clothespins and the workings. I love forts. It was a perfect little picnic with fancy cheese and crackers, chardonnay, chocolate.. a cooking break for lobster ravioli and thai curried chicken and quinoa  salad. We even had room to play card games and jenga in our fort. It was perfect. 

So there Chico weather. : ) 


  1. Naomi! This is perfect! I just wanted to say that your pink waffles were the farthest things from a "fail" that you could have gotten.. in my eyes :) Every single Valentine's morning of my life that I was under my Mom's roof, I woke up to PINK waffles or pancakes (she liked to switch it up). I love your pink waffles, and I very much love you, and Ryan too! I'm glad you had an amazing first married Valentine's Day!

  2. You don't get it or you don't think it's funny? Because I think it's hilarious! I mustache, I must ask, it's cheesy brilliance!

  3. brilliant valentines day. From a critic of the day, you had me converted. Any holiday that is an excuse for indoor fort wins hands down!