Monday, February 14, 2011

Family festivities

My mom called two days ago and we were talking calendar dates. After talking through all the different plans and details of the next few months we decided that the best weekend to visit was this weekend, so to our joy, they showed up at our apartment door with a week's worth of baggage, cupcakes, cookies, and all that we could ever want. 
The clan included the following shenanigans

Taking advantage of the shocking February Chico sun we rushed to the park for a fantastic picnic~ we were joined by cousin Moki and our good friends the Thrashers who toted along their cute pups...
while soaking in the sun we enjoyed some sourdough, hummus, chips, salsa, bbqed pork, costco chicken and cranberry juice.. 


After roaming around downtown and stopping for some of Powell's gelato ice cream we headed home to prepare for meal number two: sushi!
We actually talked at one of our meals about how our family tends to plan family activities around meals~ or actually how the activity is the meal. : ) How simple and true it is.  
Nonetheless, it was a successful sushi night~ for I have partaken in failed sushi and this was no fail. 

Our festivities continued this morning with banana and apple pancakes before church with a wonderful side of grapefruit. Ry and I usually sleep a little too late on Sundays for a hearty breakfast--running out the door with shoes in hand, nail clippers in the pocket and possibly half a piece of toast... This was a nice change. 

We ended our time together with fish tacos topped with tomatillo sauce, chimchuri and salsa. Bada-bing! A weekend of successful meals and a great time hanging with family! Thanks for visiting, we always love hosting and are glad you could have a peek at our new life together. 

I'm so excited for valentines day tomorrow! Happy early Valentines day!
tomatillo sauce: 
2 tomatillos husked and chopped
1/2 bunch of cilantro
2 tbl. lime 
1 tbl. olive oil
1/4 tsp cumin
(put it in a food processor and pour it over broiled/bbqed talapia) 

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