Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food Ventures

I've realized that I haven't been posting about my recent cooking attempts recently, which is something that I want to start documenting, as to hopefully monitor progress. 
Unfortunately it's been a season of culinary flops, which isn't super flattering, but I guess that's one way to figure out how to cook... trial and error, yeah?

Recent flop #1:Falafels
Usually about once a week I try to do something a little different-- an new recipe, a "creative" alteration of a recipe when ingredients are missing. Last week was falafels. It seemed so simple and tasty.
I was about to put the recipe here, but I think I'll just put the recipes of my "wins" oppose to my "need-improvements". 
So, this is what falafels should look like: 


.... and this is what the Fitzs turned out:


For some reason when we put the garbanzo bean patties into the oil they all started drifting apart so they we ended up with crunchy crouton-like turds. 
Like always we just adjusted our plans, took out some tortillas and had burrit-afels. Not too shabby, but definitely not a were-having-guests meal. 
I'll have to try again. 

p.s. any  tips?

1 comment:

  1. I would have eaten it:)

    Next time sing softly to the food while they are cooking and maybe it will cooperate.