Monday, January 10, 2011

Bring it Winter!

My Husband and his friends have gotten into the habit of blurting out "bored" in the middle each other's conversations. It cracks them up. I smile sometimes. 
Since we've been back in Chico even with a week of relaxation before work began, we have not allowed ourselves to become "bored". 
Instead we do the following: 

1. "decorate" people's houses 
With some brilliance of those yet not revealed, we decided to saran wrap and "streamer" our friend's house. All the boys that lived in the house were gone for winter break and it was the perfect time for us to display our love. :)
I actually believe we may have helped keep in the smell of the food that had been lying on the table for the last three weeks. We saran wrapped the whole table with food included, chairs, toilets, couches, pinatas, amps, guitars, pillows... it was quite the project. Hopefully the streamers made it seem like a little surprise party when they walked in.  
I tried to deny it at first, but we had left a trail... and Ryan didn't even try to make up an alibi.. so here's the evidence: 

2. Sew What.
Three of my friends and I formed a group in the summer with one sole goal: To sew a dress and wear it to dinner (in public). Now we have had many a deadline, but now, about 8 months later we have yet to have this dinner and our summer dresses are no longer fitting for the 38 degree weather. 

But recently we have had the drive to finish because we are loosing one of our members to the wilderness for 80+ days. So now we have about 2 weeks to actually make it happen. I think we've planned for an inside dinner with the heat on high, mimicking our lost summer. This change is unfortunately necessary. 

 3. Roadtrip: destination Roseville
This last Saturday Ry, Caitlin, Lys and I made a last minute decision to hit up Roseville with two main goals in mind: 

Iceskating Was the first
~ we were first playing with the idea of snowboarding, but when that fell through we took up the next best option which still involved cold-ish weather, unreliable foot gear, and racing. 

To all of our amazement none of us took a tumble (though all of us got pretty close) and by the end of our time we were learning to skate backwards and turn around... fantastic. 

Four Eyes
I have one last mini-announcement before I sign off, because I can't wait for another post... 
I just got new glasses! ... they're just reading glasses, so only Ry will be familiar with this knew alter ego, but boy am I excited!... 
I have to say, the night I couldn't focus on the Carl's Junior menu was a little surprising since I've always taken pride in my 20/20 vision, but I have envied friend's and family's glasses for a long time and now, as the last person in my family, I have my very own pair. They're not as edgy as I wanted, they're actually the plainest ones I probably picked from, but I caved under the glasses lady's mutterings.... My big nerdy ones that I wanted apparently "made my nose look extreeeemly long" and my artsy fartsy pair "made me look cross-eyed". 
But I'm not sad with my pick, I'm satisfied. : ) I don't know what do you think?
Crosseyed? Big teeth? Strange brows?


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